Welcome to my blog

I start this blog with great fear and great excitement. I have been a high school mathematics teacher for about a dozen years. I love teaching but have always butted heads with administrations because their approach seemed to be “not quite right.” I could not really put my finger on this disconnect until I was introduced to Jungian dream work. And then to an advanced degree in education. As I am on the verge of a PhD in psychology, I have become what I like to call an Educational Warrior. I feel like it is about time that we change the way we teach high school subjects, particularly mathematics.

You may ask what the connection between education and psychology is. It is a connection that is taught in colleges in teacher education programs. But only briefly. I only remember taking 1 or 2 psychology courses in my curriculum. On top of that, the name of Carl Jung was never mentioned. (In my masters’ program, one textbook mentioned Jung once and it was to say that Jung’s writings were “too dense” and unverifiable. I find those as poor excuses to reject some brilliant views.) Therefore, with my background and experience, I intend on trying to repair these oversights.

The reader may also ask what motivates to do this. The quick answer is that it is my passion. The reader may ask if my passion is to make my students academians and my answer to that is no. My goal is to help my students to find their bliss. That is, to find what turns them on. What is it that makes them excited? We as educators do this by introducing them to as many different things as possible. That is the reason my class is a combination mathematics, psychology, dreams, music, poetry and famous quotes. I even try to include my passion for sports when I can. But, as my mentor often tells me, I need to “Go deeper.” The deeper reason for this pursuit is to correct my negative past. My childhood was filled with times that I felt unprotected and unsupported. I felt like I needed someone to guide me and there was nobody there. By the time I got to high school, I just wanted to get it over with. I knew I was smart but I wasn’t enjoying high school much. With that being said, my passion is to be an advocate for my students and help them to find their inner purpose.

The last thing I would like to state my purposes of this blog. In the short term, I would like to put teaching ideas “out there” and learn from the feedback from the readers of this blog. My long-term goal is to develop opportunities where I could teach teachers to teach better by using Jungian-based ideas towards teaching. Please let me know how I am doing.


Welcome to my blog

3 thoughts on “Welcome to my blog

  1. Hi,
    I am a teacher as well–medieval history and Yearbook design. I met you in the Community Pool where you indicated you were a new blogger. I offer blogging tips to new bloggers at my site. I brought the link to my About page, so you can read what my blog can do for you.
    I also offer free incentives for subscribing.


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