I’m Back!!

Yes, it has been several months since my last post. Just when I was started gaining some momentum, I stopped writing. That is just part of my self-destructive tendencies. It is something that I need to be always aware of. Anyway, enough of these excuses.It is time to move on.

In the past couple of weeks I had a “wake up call.” In early September, I passed my essays defense in pursuit of my PhD in psychology. As a public high school mathematics teacher, I am entitled to raise due to higher license level earned. However, I learned recently that, in order to get these increased credentials, I had to earn my degree from a list of universities and pass a test to qualify to teach “Behavioral Sciences.” (I could rant on about messed up this is but I’ll save that passion for a blog in the near future.) Anyway…This forced me to go deeper into my dream work, reconsider my choice of universities and reconnect with the professors who have been my biggest cheerleaders in my quest to improving the way we teach American public high school students. It is time to move forward with this and spread the educational gospel as I see it.

When I was doing my oral defense of my essays, it was suggested that I write a book about my views and ideas about teaching. One professor said, “This is not a dissertation that you just put on your shelf when you are done. You need to follow up with a book on how to teach.” The other professors then gave me words of encouragement towards this end. Since I have never written a book, this scared and excited me all at once. Therefore, I did some brainstorming last night and came up with the following topics for blogs and/or book chapters;

* State licensing
* Self paced modules
* Tardies
* Promoting my ideas
* Openings
* Closings
* Psychology class ideas
* Discipline vs. understanding
* Too many zeros from 9th graders
* Teen depression from academics
* SAT anxiety
* Opening videos
* Story day
* Dream groups in schools, kids and adults
* Ideas from John Wooden
* History of teaching
* Dealing with English learners
* Building relationships with students and parents
* What is really our goal?
* Testing ideas
* Application of psychology

I would love any feedback from anyone on which ones to cover and/or any advice. In any case, talk to you soon.

I’m Back!!

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